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Timber Titan Power Tools and Timber Fixings

Timber Titan Power Tools

Railway Sleeper have recently introduced a new tool range to offer alongside our timber products and fixings. We are currently stocking a 2 in 1 Drill and Impact Wrench set, and will continue to expand our range to offer a more diverse picking for customers to choose from.

We have been supplying our own brand of timber fixings for some time now and have recently gone through a product development stage to help improve our popular Timber Titan Landscaping and Decking screws, which are designed to be used with both our treated softwood and hardwood timbers to give the optimal strength and longevity for your projects.

Timber Titan Decking Screws

Our decking screws are designed specifically to be used with deck boards and other decking components, all with square recessed heads for a flush application and a special coating to prolong life and protect against the elements. The coating is a light timber colour to give a seamless effect to your decking. We offer two standard lengths of screws for you to choose from depending on the application, as well as an included drive bit for use in a drill, for your convenience.

Timber Titan Landscaping Screws

Landscaping screws, perfect for almost any landscaping purpose. These screws are designed so no counter-sinking, pre-drilling or any other preparation is needed to be able to fix your timber together. Each packaged set of screws undergoes extensive treatment to ensure longevity and reliability; the 2000 hour salt spray test will ensure that our landscaping screws can withstand all types of weather, protected from corrosion, even in salt water applications. We offer five standard screws sizes as well as a free drill bit included with every box of screws.

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