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Thanks For Telling Me

Railway Sleepers manufacture softwood railway sleepers and hardwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated according to customer requirements. Our range includes contemporary machined and moulded garden sleepers, rustic round edged railway sleepers and mini garden sleepers.

We can offer as few as a handful or as many as full artic loads! You will also find a full range of reclaimed sleepers in all shapes, sizes and treatments.

Without a doubt the most complete range of railway sleepers in the UK!

Our reclaimed offerings include: softwood, hardwood, untreated tropical hardwood, oak etc.

Our new gardening/landscaping sleeper offerings include: New eco treated green and new eco treated brown softwood, new untreated English and European oak, new half oak  (perfect for decking and many other garden uses), and new untreated English larch, among others!

You can take advantage of our nationwide crane vehicle delivery service with this product.

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