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Fresh Cut Oak Waney Edged Board

Fresh Cut Oak Waney Edged Board

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Waney-edge cladding is very traditional. It is created by overlapping boards sliced straight from the tree. Each board has one waney edge (with bark on) and one square edge.

The boards are laid to show the waney edge, with an overlap of 40 to 50mm.

These waney-edge boards are supplied fresh cut (green) with a sawn finish, cut from logs harvested in native woodlands.

Boards are supplied in random lengths from 2.0 to 4.0 metres and random widths from 150mm to 300mm. The advertised price is per m2 (to give total coverage you need to measure the area and allow 30% for the overlap).

Please note: It is important to consider the potential dimensional shrinkage and movement of green timber. Oak boards may shrink by as much as 10% over the first two to three years as the wood dries. If exposed to hot, dry weather, before or soon after fitting, boards are likely to cup, warp and split (although not necessarily all at the same time). The best time to fit cladding is in the autumn or winter.

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