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Ecofire Superflare Premium Fuel Logs

Ecofire Superflare Premium Fuel Logs

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Manufactured to the highest standards and proven to outperform other brands on the market our Superflare Briquettes are produced from a mixture of virgin hard and softwoods shavings and saw dust - a clean and cost effective alternative to using seasoned or kiln dried logs.

With a typical moisture content of around 10% they provide extremely high heat outputs and are long burning with low ash levels and emissions. They produce a warm healthy flame at the beginning of the burn cycle and will typically burn for 2-3 hours each (on a closed appliance/stove with air controls closed down), providing plenty of heat and glow. Very clean and easy to store, and are perfect for burning on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners or chimneas.

The briquettes are 55mm in diameter and mostly between 30 and 90mm in length. Each pack weighs approximately 20 kg, with a high energy content and a super low ash residue of 1%, typical moisture content 10%. WHY ARE THEY GOOD?

  • They are very dry and highly calorific
  • Easy to light with just paper and a small amount of kindling
  • Quick to heat up - gets up to temperature within 10 mins
  • SuperFlare are part of the Ecofire range which means that you can be guaranteed of a consistent high quality product as is true with all Ecofire offerings.
  • Consistent quality and low moisture content - 10% against min 25% for air dried logs
  • Our briquettes contain no artificial additives
  • Efficient burn means very low ash waste, lower residues mean cleaner chimneys and flues
  • Come in convenient 20kg bag therefore are easy to handle with less mess.
  • Premium briquettes are a versatile fuel - wood briquettes can be used in multi-fuel stoves, open fires, chimneas and fire pits.

Once you have tried these briquettes on your stove at home you will be amazed by the heat output and how long they last in your fire.

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