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Curved ThermoWood Decking

Curved ThermoWood Decking

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The thermal treatment of ThermoWood provides the timber with an extremely high biological durability as well as high class decay resistance. Also due to the thermal treatment, the moisture content is half of what regular wood would contain therefore reducing the likeliness of surface splitting caused by ultra violet radiation compared to untreated wood.

At present we are now offering Radiata pine softwood deck boards cut from timber supplied through an FSC accredited source. In combination with stylish character and excellent durability, our Curved ThermoWood decking boards will not only revive you garden with an exclusive natural wood look but will also provide a functional, cost effective and long lasting area to your home.

The unique curved profile of these particular deck boards will lengthen the lifespan due to the curvature not allowing water to remain sitting on the surface of the board. Though these boards are thermal treated, they will continue to turn grey over time due to ultra violet radiation if left untreated.

The stunning brown surface colour can be retained when treated with a clear or tinted timber wax/oil such as our range of Treatex, which contain an ultra violet filter, which you can find here.

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