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Customised Raised Beds For Your Garden

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on November 19th 2012

Custom Designed Raised Beds Made From Railway Sleepers

The whole concept of using raised beds is one that helps people passionate about maintaining a stylish garden design. The use of raised beds or creating a raised bed garden is something that many people consider as a saviour for people who have poor soil.

The basic idea of a raised bed garden is that instead of battling against poor soil conditions, you build above ground, where you have absolute control over the soil texture and ingredients. Raised bed gardens are a garden built on top of your native soil, sometimes incorporating native soil, sometimes not. Raised bed gardens can be contained, such as when you build a wood or stone structure to keep the bed intact, or they can be more free form, with soil and amendments merely piled several inches high. You can plant anything from herbs and vegetables to perennials and shrubs in a raised bed.

Railway Sleeper are a company who are considered leaders not only in outsourcing cheap railway sleepers but also in raised beds that are simple and beautiful in style whilst remaining cost effective. We are a company who have a reputation of providing the best quality products when it comes to this raised bed service for your gardens. Our customer service is second to none and with a fleet of crane delivery vehicles at our disposal, it is very easy for our customers to get their products on time.

Raised Bed Gardens - Just A Call Away

You can get custom raised beds which can be easily slotted together or screwed together with special Timber Titan Landscaping screws. Simply contact Railway Sleeper today and order raised beds that suit your budget and space requirement.

Contact us via phone on +44 (0)1536 267107, or via fax on +44 (0)1536 202114 or by email:


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1 Comment
Zoe Fenwick March 25th 2017 03:27:11 PM
Hi Please could you advise how much some customised raised beds would be please? The first needs to be 4900mm long x 850mm wide x approx 200mm high and the second needs to be 4500mm x 850mm x approx 200m high. These are both to box in my flower borders, so they do not need a back so to speak, just the front and sides. The third is 3300 x 4900mm x approx 200mm high. This one is to create a play area and box in some rubber chippings, and so does need all 4 sides. Due to the layout of my house, i would need the sleepers to be a maximum of 1200mm long as I need to carry them through the house to the back garden. In terms of delivery, I am in RG7, so could you advise cost and lead time. Also which is best - slotting together or screwing with titan screws? And is there anything in particular that I need to do to prepare the area before laying the sleepers down? Many thanks for your help and advice Zoe Fenwick
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