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Railway Sleepers Used To Erect Custom Size Raised Beds

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on December 13th 2012

Benefits Of Raised Beds

Raised beds can be wonderful additions to any garden. These beds are assembled with timber to create an area which can be used to grow vegetable patches or flower arrangements etc. They are best for all those looking to start growing their own vegetables or for anyone who wants to create a simple garden. The benefits of using raised beds are numerous.

Since the soil in these beds is higher than the surrounding area, water will naturally drain out from it. This can be ideal for places where drainage is a problem. It keeps the soil structure good because treading on the soil is prevented. Now if you need kits that can help you quickly erect these raised beds then turn to Railway Sleepers. We are experts in producing custom size beds that can be erected in next to no time.

Get Raised Beds From Railway Sleeper

You can get raised beds that can be simply slotted together with no fixings needed or railway sleeper raised beds that can be screwed together using timber titan landscaping screws that you will get along with the kit.

If you want beds that will last long then you can use our slot together oak kits. If you want something cost effective and lightweight then you can choose our treated softwood raised bed kits. Alternatively, you can also check our standard kits. All our beds come in a variety of sizes in both hardwood as well as softwood. Softwood kits are made from eco-treated softwood railway sleepers. All our beds are of superior quality and offer outstanding value for money.

Contact Railway Sleeper

If you need raised beds that are durable, practical and look good then contact Railway Sleepers at Tel: +44 (0)1536 267107, Email:

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1 Comment
Helen Roach June 25th 2015 02:32:05 PM
Hello We are looking to make some raised planted garden beds to divide gardens in a large house which is being divided to make 10 terraced houses in Haywards Heath, Sussex. They would need to be custom built to fit, are you able to do this? Are your sleepers new, ie no nasty preservatives so vegetables etc can be grown? Many thanks Helen
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