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Water Feature Ideas

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by on July 20th 2017

Water Features with Railway Sleepers Ideas Infographic

Creating a water feature using railway sleepers can add a unique new dimension to your garden. As well as providing a feeling of tranquillity with the gentle sound of running water, it can also be a haven for plants and wildlife. Read on for some water feature ideas made from new or used railway sleepers:


1. Create a raised pond in any area of your garden using railway sleepers to create the walls. Simply lay the railway sleepers on the ground - if you want it higher, stack and fix another layer on top. Attach the pond liner and fill with water, adding plants and fish. That’s it, it's done!


2. For your own tropical oasis in your back garden, create a pond using railway sleepers and add a fountain feature as a centrepiece. Surround the pond with exotic, mature, colourful plants to bring a touch of the tropics to your home.


3. Build a large pond for Koi carp - the pond's walls can be as high as you want. Using three (or more) layers of railway sleepers, attach the lining and add the appropriate plants to the water to provide adequate coverage and hiding places that Koi carp love.


4. Why stop at the pond…? Railway sleepers can also be used to build the surrounding decking area - to create a comfortable, safe area where you can sit and relax in the summer.


5. What about matching garden seats? Railway Sleepers are a great material to use if you want to make classic benches and seats - for a touch of rustic charm.


6. If you have a large garden, build a mini-pool using railway sleepers for the retaining walls. A natural swimming pool can be an extension of your garden landscape and the use of timber will ensure it blends perfectly into its surroundings.


When you're planning a water feature for your garden, contact Railway Sleepers to fulfil all your requirements – our products are perfect for garden projects great and small! Please contact us to find out how railway sleepers can be the solution to your creative dreams.

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