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RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on May 10th 2017

Chelsea Flower Show

A prestigious gardening event that is worldly acclaimed for its lavish horticultural exhibits, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is again to flaunt the best of gardening displays from 23rd to 27th May at the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

With exceptional garden designs and inspiring floral exhibits from prominent garden designers, plant specialists, florists and nurseries, it is surely a sight to behold in one of the most upscale neighbourhoods in London. Often regarded as the equivalent of Paris Fashion Week, hundreds and thousands of visitors will flock to the show to admire the many horticultural masterpieces.



Held in Chelsea since 1913, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has always been a hit with flower show enthusiasts and aristocratic visitors – making it perhaps the most grandiose flower display in UK history.

Apart from during the two World Wars, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has been held annually –staging exhibits of flower species from all over the world and prevailing horticulture displays that are built by renowned designers such as Sarah Raven, James Alexander-Sinclair, Matt Keightley, to name but a few.

The show has gained in popularity since the late 1900s, attracting huge crowds that include famous artists and celebrities. Chelsea Pensioners, Rupert Murdoch, Dame Judi Dench, Naomie Harris and Demi Moore were spotted at the last show.


Chelsea Flowers


The Royal Connection

Given the show’s prestige and eminence, it is frequently attended by the Royals. The very first Chelsea Flower Show in 1913, was attended by Queen Alexandra, the Dowager Empress of Russia and Princess Victoria.

In 1937, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth also visited the flower show in celebration of their Coronation Year. For this special event, a splendid Empire Exhibition hosted an array of flora from different parts the world.

Her Majesty also pays a regular visit to the Chelsea Flower Show. In 2016, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, attended the exhibition. The royal family is a patron of the show – giving it a hundred years of Royal approval.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Sponsored by M&G Investments, this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show awaits the crowds with superb highlights no one wants to miss:

  • The Artisan Gardens will feature the 2016 winner of Best Fresh Garden, Gary Breeze, as well as work from Ishihara Kazuyuki and Sarah Eberle, among many others.
  • One of the highlights of the Fresh Gardens will be Jack Dunckley’s, The Bermuda Triangle.
  • Show Gardens will be featuring more spectacular and impressive garden works from different designers.
  • The Great Pavilion will feature more than 100 displays from the best florists all over the world in its 12,000-sq. metre marquee.
  • The 2017 RHS Greening Grey Britain Garden exhibits the best of garden designs, as designed by Professor Nigel Dunnet.

Feeling inspired…?


Railway Sleeper supplies a wide selection of landscaping sleepers that are perfect for creating your very own garden designs. For a glimpse into horticultural brilliance and design excellence, coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show will be aired by the BBC throughout the week.

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