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Railway Sleepers: Landscaping Project Ideas

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on April 20th 2017

Rather than furnishing your garden with mass produced items, why not try your hand at creating a unique finish with your very own railway sleeper landscaping project?

New or used railway sleepers can be used to create some innovative alternatives to your bulk standard garden furniture including benches, seats or decking. We’ve got some creative ideas that will help you to transform your outdoor living space this summer!

1. Benches and Table

Railway sleepers can be utilised to make a simple table and two matching benches. Three sleepers cut in half will create the table, as the wood that has been cut off makes the legs. The benches can be made from one sleeper each, using the same principle.

2. Raised Flower Beds

Railway sleepers add a new dimension to your garden by creating raised flower beds. Mixing aged and weathered sleepers with new timber can create some interesting lines in your garden.

3. Classic Armchair

If you're feeling creative, build a classic armchair complete with wide seat, backrest and arms. It's actually not as hard as it might sound, as you can use the same concept as you would with Lego bricks!

4. Garden Swing

Use railway sleepers as the basis for the frame of a traditional garden swing that is both functional and a work of art.

5. Hammock

Railway sleepers are sturdy and durable enough to use as the frame for a garden hammock. If you use three in a triangular formation, you can hang a canopy over the top if you fancy some shade.

6. L-Shaped Seating

Create a whole row of seating in an L-shape around your barbecue area - ideal if you're having a few friends round to while away those long summer evenings.

7. Retaining Walls

A retaining wall made from vertical or horizontal railway sleepers can terrace your garden, level out a slope, fence off a barbecue area or even hold back your neighbour's creeping soil.

8. Steps

Whether you want a few simple steps or an ambitious flight of stairs, new or used railway sleepers can provide a rustic solution.

9. Decking

Build a deck to create a relaxing patio area in your garden, using railway sleepers as an alternative to traditional decking boards.

10. Water Features

Create an unusual pond or water feature complete with water-loving plants, fish or frogs.

11. Hot Tub

Be the envy of your friends by creating your own hot tub using a selection of railway sleepers for the base - so it blends perfectly with garden.

12. Garden Lights

Use railway sleepers for the posts and attach a solar-powered light to the top of each one to create innovative lighting for your garden.

13. Children's Play House

Design a unique play house or a secret den for the kids using railway sleepers. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

14. Path Edging

Simple but effective, railway sleepers can be used to define the edges of your garden path.

15. Display Shelves or Cabinet

If you have a number of garden ornaments or small pot plants, try creating a display cabinet or interlocking shelves for a centerpiece with a difference.

For one of a kind projects that ooze aesthetic appeal, add the personal touch to your garden with Railway Sleepers!

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