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Notable Benefits of Timber Cladding

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on March 20th 2017

Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding is commonly used to cover interiors and exteriors – improving the aesthetics, while contributing to better insulation. More than a rustic enhancement, timber cladding also offers a number of advantages that make it the perfect cladding material:


Relatively strong, timber is known to last for decades with the proper maintenance. Resistant to pollution, weathering and corrosion it makes a good cladding material, especially when thermally treated.

Its natural resilience and high resistance to extreme climate conditions, fire and noise also add to the appeal of timber cladding.


Timber cladding promotes a natural look – making it a popular option for many commercial and domestic establishments. You can also choose to install it horizontally, vertically or diagonally – and in a wide range of colours and styles.

Suitable for any home design – whether traditional or contemporary – timber cladding never fails to impress.


Known for its resistance to many environmental and natural aggressions, timber cladding is a very flexible material that can withstand great movement and stress. As a great insulator, it also makes establishments more energy efficient by creating a more ventilated building. Providing exceptional acoustic performance, it can enhance or reduce sound/noise depending on how it is installed.

Environmentally Friendly

Taken from sustainable resources, timber is an environmentally friendly cladding and construction material that has inherent thermal properties. It stores carbon for life – creating energy-efficient commercial or domestic spaces.

Since it is a highly recyclable material, less energy is required for timber cladding construction, maintenance and demolition. It makes re-installation and re-designing easier to suit specific applications. 

Fire Resistance

Although a combustible product, timber cladding has exemplary fire resistance benefits that help it to out-perform other building materials.

When exposed to fire, timber goes through a process of thermal breakdown, where a charcoal layer forms on its surface. This significantly slows the burning process, as charcoal resists heat penetration and makes the timber less combustible.


Easy to install and maintain, timber cladding makes a perfect option for cost-effective building work. The winning combination of durability, flexibility and versatility also makes timber cladding one of the most widely used materials in the UK.


To increase the value of your property over time, let timber cladding do all the hard work! Railway Sleeper offers a range of fine oak railway sleepers and timber cladding options in hardwood and softwood alternatives - timber cladding simply oozes aesthetic appeal and serves as an efficient and reliable insulating material. For more information about our products, please call Railway Sleeper on 01536 267107.

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