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7 Different Wood Fences

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on March 20th 2017

7 Different Wood Fences

When it comes to a cost-efficient fencing alternative, wood fences are surely the perfect choice. With pleasing aesthetics and reliable quality, they can give years of unfaltering service. What’s more, they never go out of style!

Here are seven commonly used wood fencing alternatives that are suitable for different applications:

Board-on-Board Fencing

An attractive type of fencing, board-on-board fencing is the alternate placement of boards on either side of the central rails. Creating a private space, it still allows the breeze to pass through into the garden.

Convex Fencing

Convex fencing creates a “rolling wave” shape at the top to create a simple and attractive design. It is also the common finish given to a normal plank fence.

Dog-Eared Fencing

A type of wooden fence with an irregular design, dog-eared fencing has an inward curve in each section – that creates unusual yet beautiful shapes.

Lattice Fencing

Lattice fences have a patterned criss-cross top. This fencing alternative allows you to ‘show off’ your gardening skills, while still maintaining a little privacy.  The patterned design makes lattice fencing an ideal option for garden landscaping.

Lock Board Fencing

Simplicity and elegance by the bucket load! With a solid and uniformed look, this fencing alternative helps to create smooth and rolling property boundaries that promote privacy.

Stockade Fencing

With a jagged top finish, stockade fencing is suitable for homeowners who are concerned with both the appearance of the fence and its security. Stockade fences are hard to climb because of the wood pointing upwards – a good deterrent for potential fence climbers!

Picket Fencing

The spaces between each piece of wood will give your home a more inviting look.  Enhancing its appearance, picket fencing  has a warm and welcoming appeal – ideal for property owners with children and pets.


Railway Sleeper offers a wide selection of wood fences - made from high quality oak railway sleepers - that are perfect for various applications. Please call 01536 267107 to learn more about our products.

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