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5 Reasons Why Oak is Your Best Woodwork Friend

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on February 22nd 2017

Ever wondered why oak has always been a top choice when it comes to fulfilling furniture, flooring and landscaping requirements? Then let us explain!

Long Lasting

Oak railway sleepers are known to have a lifespan of up to 30 years – even longer, depending on the wood treatment. With longevity and durability assured, these are just some of the compelling reasons why it is such a sought-after material for different woodwork projects.


Given oak's great density – a good indicator of wood strength – compared with other wood types, it can withstand heavy pressure without breaking or splitting. 


Oak's classic sophistication makes it a popular material for home furniture, landscaping and flooring among others. Sought after for its rustic appeal, it surely creates a timeless country elegance!

Low Maintenance

Oak is also known to be scratch and stain resistant – making it an ideal wood option for displays, tables and counters that are often subjected to heavy wear, smudges and scrapes. This also equals less cleaning and next to no maintenance that would otherwise be exhausting tasks on other wood types!

Different Colour Schemes

With a variety of shades ranging from lighter to darker options, you can choose which shade best suits your requirements. Lighter oak hues make small spaces appear larger, while darker ones create a warmer, more classic appearance. Significant colour contrasts can also make any woodwork project look more unique.

Fit for many different purposes, our new and reclaimed oak railway sleepers will be perfect for your next woodworking project! Contact Railway Sleeper on 01536 267107 to learn more about our reliable products.

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