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Cladding The Smartest Way to Achieve a Beautifully Warm Home in Winter

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on February 20th 2017

Popularly defined as the use of timber to cover the exterior and interior of an establishment, cladding is one of the most attractive ways to finish your home. Timber cladding has natural insulting properties and it sure is good to look at!

Advantages of Cladding for Winter

  • Safely redirects water or snow – preventing infiltration into the structure
  • Prevents noise from entering and escaping
  • Serves as insulation during winter
  • Adds a beautiful aesthetic
  • Flexible – can be used in different areas

Suitable Timbers that can be used for Cladding

Not only will a good timber assure a really great finish for your home, it is also a truly great way to protect any structure from the outside elements.

Black Painted Kiln Dried Whitewood Featheredge Cladding

Cheap and durable, Kiln Dried Whitewood is a popular choice. Made from saw fallen kiln dried whitewood and treated with Tanalithe, this provides extreme durability that guarantees long life.

Air Dried Oak

A bit more expensive than kiln dried whitewood types, air dried oaks tend to last longer. Requiring very little maintenance, it shows no major defects and exudes a beautiful rustic charm.

ThermoWood Cladding

Thermowood cladding is considered as a premium option – as it offers greater weather and UV resistance and can resist decay for up to 30 years. Very robust, it is a strong and reliable cladding solution.

To Treat or Not to Treat!

Treating the timber before cladding is highly recommended as this will help to strengthen it, further helping it to resist any outside aggressions. Treatments can be applied before or after installation, depending on the project and considering personal choice.

If it’s good cladding materials you’re after, Railway Sleeper is the place to go. We also offer cheap railway sleepers and decking boards to complete your winter-ready home. With all your enquiries, please call +44 (0)1536 267107… Timmbeeeer!

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