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6 Simple Ways to Avoid Winter Deck Damage

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on February 15th 2017

The snow has already started to fall in some parts of the country, so it’s about time we all took the necessary precautionary measures to protect our deck against the adverse effects of the cold winter months -  otherwise, high exposure to the outside elements will leave it susceptible to damage.

 Here are some simple steps to safeguarding your deck:

Clean your Deck

Make it a habit to clear all the clutter away! By giving your deck the occasional clean throughout the year, particularly before winter, this can help to prevent structural damage and facilitate proper ventilation.

Prevent Mildew Build-up

Since decks are a common breeding ground for mildew and mould, it’s best to take steps to prevent it. The wet winter months will encourage fungi to multiply, which can be harmful to your health.

Use a Water Repellent Seal

A high-quality seal can fill in any cracks to act as an invisible shield against moisture and ice.

Cover with Tarp

Covering your deck with tarp will not only prevent the snow from falling directly onto the surface, it will also keep the moisture out and reduce ice formation which will only worsen any cracks.

Shovel the Snow Off

Carrying the weight of the snow over extended periods can potentially damage your deck. Try to shovel away any snow as and when it falls.

Remember to shovel parallel to the direction of the deck boards to avoid damaging the overall finish.

Use Railway Sleepers

No matter how much effort you put into maintaining your deck against the damaging effects of winter, it will all be futile if you’re not using quality wood boards in the first place. Oak railway sleepers are a great alternative as decking boards – they can surely stand the test of time.

Railway Sleeper supplies premium quality railway sleepers that would be perfect for all your decking projects. Please call 01536 267107 and we’ll be happy to assist you with your enquiries!   

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