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What Do Landscapers Do During Winter

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by on February 15th 2017

Makes you feel cold just looking at this picture, doesn’t it? A lot of people leave the garden to fend for itself when the summer ends but actually, winter is a fabulous time to assess your landscape and figure out where its falling short on the focal finesse front. 

Trim Shrubs and Trees

With no biological processes going on, the plants are dormant during winter – making it the best time to trim and prune trees, hedges and shrubs.

Prep Planting Beds

It’s also a great time to start preparing the flower beds. Clear the area so that you can start planting the moment Spring has sprung! In the meantime, why not fill it up with bulbs?

Clear Leaves and Debris

Clearing the leaves and debris is essential to prevent damaging your lawn – and to ensure your garden drains don’t get blocked!

Maintain Landscaping Equipment

As my good old grandad always used to say, “look after your garden tools and your garden tools will look after you.” Remove all traces of earth and give them a good clean before storing them away for the winter.

Go for the Berries

More than their visual appeal, berries can also provide some much-needed food for the birds during the cold winter months.

Forever Evergreens

Contrary to their name, evergreens needn’t necessarily be green – they can be yellow, blue and all the colours in between. Maintaining a beautiful and consistently colourful display; this makes them a great focal point all-year round, including winter.

Raised Bed Protection

Mulch your beds with newspaper to ensure that no perennial weeds rear their ugly heads!  

You can also make use of landscaping sleepers to replace the frame of your raised beds. Known for their sturdy properties, railways sleepers are ideal for wooden raised beds – adding great beauty to your garden landscape.

Give your garden the love it deserves… maybe it’s time to start planning a garden project for the New Year? If you’re thinking of something charming and rustic, just call Railway Sleeper on 01536 26107. 

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