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Factors to Consider when Creating Your Decking Area

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on July 6th 2016

Decking is enormously convenient as it creates extra space for outdoor living. Other than that, it instantly adds a warm and classic appeal that adds uniqueness and character to your peaceful abode.

Creating a well-prepared plan is essential to avoid regrets and disappointments with the expected outcome. You’ve probably got a clear picture in your head, so let’s make sure you achieve the finish you are visualising:

Purpose of your Deck

Establishing the real purpose of your deck will help you to distinguish the materials you will need to look out for; you should also take into consideration the location and the design you have in mind. Decking is perfect for:

  • Entertainment
  • Dining
  • Privacy
  • Pool area

The maintenance of your deck will vary according to its function, so it is important to identify its exact purpose.

Consider the Sun

Sun exposure can be perfect for a pool area but if you don’t like the heat, you may want to feature some shading to make it more convenient - this can also add a striking design to your deck.


It is important to establish the ideal size of the finished project. This will help you to calculate how much furniture you can add and the total cost of the materials - it will also better enable you visualise how the decking will work in practice.


You don’t want the furniture to consume more than half of the overall area, right? Your decks should not limit your movements because of overcrowding. To assure maximum comfort, it is well worth giving some thought to this element of the project.


Whether you add railings, thresholds or fencing is all down to a matter of taste. If you have children and you are afraid that your multi-level deck might be dangerous, install secured railings to avoid any mishaps. If the purpose of your deck is for social gatherings, you might want to include thresholds so that your guests won’t be congested in one single pathway. If you deck demands privacy, then fencing will be the ideal solution.

Incorporating curves into your decking is an interesting design element. It may require extra labour but it creates a more elegant appeal compared with the typical examples.

Secure Permits if Needed

Be well-informed about your local building regulations and secure permits if required. 

Decks create a seamlessly harmonious connection between our home and the great outdoors.  Embark on your garden landscape projects with our new railway sleepers and decking products… you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood. 


Image source: Wickes

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