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Play Area Ideas Using Railway Sleepers

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by on July 1st 2016

Play Areas Using Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are cheap and can be used anywhere in and around the home – whether for garden, furniture or landscaping projects. Have you ever thought about creating a fun and interactive play area for your children? Let them escape to a world of their own with some of our simple play area ideas:

Tree Houses

Every child would love a tree house! Not only will this awaken their imagination, it will also encourage them to stay active while having fun. Promoting their physical and mental health, a tree house is will also help them to realise their potential, especially in the early developing stages.

Tree houses can also encourage your children to get involved with the great outdoors - who needs video games and computers when you can live a real life adventure in your own back garden?

Play Houses

Play Houses

No trees in your garden…? Don’t worry; as the perfect alternative, why not build them a play house? Make them interactive by including stairs, slides and wall climbing facilities to keep them on the move.


Sandpits are great for improving social interactions with your children. Kids love to experiment with moulding, building and digging and their curiosity will eventually make them interact with each other.  They will be sharing, storytelling and using teamwork. Did you know you can create a whole new world out of sand?

Wooden Swing

Wooden Swing

A swing can help to improve a child’s sense of balance, body coordination and posture, which can improve their overall sporting performance. They will always need someone to push them, so maybe you could go outside and spend some quality time with them?

Practical, natural and aesthetically pleasing, make your back garden into a children’s paradise with cheap railway sleepers.

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