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4 Soil Mixing Tips for Raised Garden Beds

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on August 12th 2015

Aside from the plants, the first thing to consider when using raised bed kits is the soil. One of the best tips in building raised beds is to utilise these 4 soil mixing tips:

1. Use soft, light and brittle soil

Be meticulous on these soil attributes for the sake of the roots. Soft, light and brittle soil allows the roots to obtain the nutrients from the soil with ease. Roots will also grow faster if they are not planted in compressed soil.

2. Use organic waste as a fertiliser

Use food waste, dried leaves and other materials that break down into an organic matter. Compost usually serves as a conditioner because it will improve the soil’s capacity to retain water and will help to improve its overall health.

You can also add animal manure for nitrogen. Affording a bigger contribution than other organic materials, it is already decomposed. The most commonly used animal manure used to mix soil is from chickens and other farm animals. However, there are certain plants that may be prone to contamination if animal manure is used.

Note: Using a chemically based fertiliser will produce short-term results and will not benefit the overall health of the soil.

3. Consider using mulch 

Mulch is made up of certain materials used to cover a certain area of the soil in order to keep it moisture rich. Mulch can either be permanent or temporary. We recommend our clients to use organic mulch – which is temporary. Temporary mulches could be bark chips, straw or even compost. Aside from keeping the soil moist, mulch also helps to improve the fertility of the soil and to reduce weed growth.

4. Protect the soil from footfall

Footfall can potentially cause the mixture to compact. It is not really a problem associated with raised beds, especially because they are elevated. If you intend to use the soil mix out of the raised bed, you should consider adding paths and barriers to avoid compacting.

You should also consider high-quality timber for your raised bed. If you need raised bed kits that can support your soil and bring out the splendour of your plants over a long period of time, please call 44 (0)1536 267107 or e-mail us at

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