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All About Reclaimed Creosoted Railway Sleepers

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on December 27th 2014

A reclaimed creosoted railway sleeper is one of the cheap railway sleepers that are typically used to build retaining walls, garden edges and other external uses.

What is creosote?

Creosote is the oil acquired from the distillation of wood/coal tar. It is the oldest type of wood preservative that is applied to railway sleepers for durability purposes. It helps prevent insect infestation and rot.

What is a reclaimed creosoted railway sleeper?

It is a more practical and cost-effective treated railway sleeper as compared with other types. There are various reclaimed creosoted railway sleepers available at Railway Sleeper UK. Some of them include:

  • Reclaimed Oak Sleeper – attractive solid oak sleepers that can last for decades, they are perfect for beams, frames and many other applications where natural oak is suitable. These reclaimed creosoted oak sleepers are available in 2600mm x 250mm x 150mm size with different grades (A, B and C).  
  • Reclaimed European Sleeper –  softwood railway sleepers from different European countries, they are mostly used in gardens as they create a special rustic effect with their natural waney, mixed sizes. They are offered in grades A and B, with a size of 2600mm x 250mm x 150mm.
  • Mini Reclaimed Oak Garden Sleeper – this type of reclaimed creosoted railway sleeper is used to make square edges and garden landscapes. Cut into smaller sizes (1200 meters x 250 mm x 150 mm) for easier handling and more economical shipping, a maximum of 30 mini reclaimed oak garden sleeper can fit into a regular size pallet.  Available in grade A.

Precautionary Measures when Handling Reclaimed Creosoted Railway Sleepers

As there are certain risks in creosote, there are  several precautionary measures when using reclaimed creosoted railway sleepers:

  1. A person handling reclaimed creosoted railway sleepers should wear a protective mask and gloves. The time of exposure and work in ventilated places must be lessened.
  2. They should not be used in places where they may be in direct contact with people and food. Some examples include schools, picnic areas and more.
  3. They are not advisable in landscaping vegetable gardens as there are chemicals that might be absorbed by the roots of the vegetables.
  4. They should not be disposed through burning. The smoke that they will produce may have a dangerous effect when inhaled. Additionally, they should not be used in fireplaces since they have volatile chemicals.


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