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Why Choose Railway Sleepers to Build Retaining Walls

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on November 28th 2014

Retaining walls are generally used to restrain, stabilise and prevent soil and rock from eroding on inclined garden landscapes.  

Every homeowner has their own unique ideas when it comes to retaining walls. The different types of materials depend on the steepness and the height of the area. One of the most widely used materials used for constructing retaining walls is the railway sleeper.

Why are railway sleepers often used to create a retaining wall?

Cheap railway sleepers are preferred by most people because they are more attractive than other types of timber products. The treated railway sleepers provide superb durability and greater resistance to the environmental elements. They lessen the water run off and the wear on the garden and the vegetation as well.

What are the advantages of using railway sleepers to build retaining walls?

Nowadays, people assess the products that they buy through the advantages that they provide. Aside from the decorative style and the durability of railway sleepers, here are some of the other advantages that they offer:

  • They are environmentally-friendly.

Railway sleepers are natural products, which makes them one of the most environmentally-friendly materials used for retaining walls.

  • They are quick and easy to install.

Some homeowners choose railway sleepers to make retaining walls because they are easier than other materials to install. Home owners may use the power of the Internet to search for easy step by step instructions on how to build a retaining wall and also some tips on how to decorate it afterwards.

  • They are more affordable than other materials.

The cost of railway sleepers is considerably lower than that of other materials such as concrete and stone. Since railway sleepers are easy and quick to install, they do not need additional labour to install them. This reduces the cost and makes it more affordable than other materials.

Where to buy railway sleepers?

Railway Sleeper offers different oak sleepers. Some of our railway sleeper products include reclaimed and new oak garden sleepers. Please visit our website to view the complete list of our products.

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