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5 Reasons Why Wood Fences are Popular

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on October 15th 2014

Walk around your neighbourhood, chances are you will see a bunch of wood fences standing all around you. You can almost see them everywhere but why are they so popular?  Let’s find out.

1.) They are affordable

Wood is definitely more affordable over its vinyl counterpart. The good thing about wood fences is that you can buy them by the piece and they are usually ready to be installed upon purchase. Imagine the time and money that you could save. Railway Sleeper offers treated softwood picket pales for around £1.00 - £1.10, treated softwood fencing rails only cost £2.75 - £4.95, while a stake could only cost around £2 apiece.

2.) They are durable

Wood is definitely one of the most durable materials. Tested over time, people have been using wood because of its capabilities. It is resistant to heat, wind, cold and corrosion. In short, it can withstand harsh weather. With proper maintenance, wood can last for many years.

3.) They are easy to maintain

Wood is naturally resistant to rot and decay. That alone lessens the required maintenance. Moreover, Railway Sleeper manufactures chemically treated wood that is resistant to bugs and water damage. Wood fence maintenance only consists of occasional refinishing and resealing. 

4.) They are very customisable

Wood is very easy to cut and install in different areas. You can play around with the shapes and styles of the fence in any way that you choose. Also, fencing an uneven area shouldn’t present a problem, since you can easily match the height of the fence by cutting the pieces accordingly.

5.) They are beautiful, clean and will never go out of style.

The thing that makes wood very popular to a lot of home-owners is its beauty. Elegant, timeless and able to fit any style, newly treated wood has an alluring appeal. When faded over time, wood can take on a more natural beauty.

Railway Sleeper is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cheap railway sleepers and a variety of wood products. With an extensive knowledge of the timber industry, they maintain a successful and customer-oriented business. For your everyday fencing needs, Railway Sleeper delivers. Their vast selection of fencing materials will provide you with everything you need. Visit their website for the complete list of fencing materials.

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