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Reclaimed Railway Sleepers For Agricultural Uses

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on June 11th 2013

A railway sleeper is a rectangular support for the rails on railroad tracks. Reclaimed railway sleepers are perfect for retaining walls, building storage bays, building raised flower beds, path edgings, lawn edging, and many other agricultural uses.

The Variety Of Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

Reclaimed railway sleepers made from solid oak last many decades and offer an outstanding quality for a very low price. They are creosote treated, and ideal for barn lintels and borders. Reclaimed railway sleepers made from hardwood consist of a random mixture of beech, ash and oak. The sleepers are of the highest quality and perfect for creating storage bays.

If you want to create a particularly impressive rustic effect in your garden, use European reclaimed railway sleepers. These creosote treated sleepers have been taken from beneath the tracks of various European countries. Reclaimed English sleepers are also ideal for use in and around the garden. They underpin the whole of the UK’s rail work.

Reclaimed hardwood crossing timbers are good for bearing the weight of heavy machinery, and can also have all types of agricultural uses. Solid lumps of untreated hardwood are ideal to be used as beams in barns and outhouses. They are very durable as they are creosote treated, and they are available at a length of your choice. Reclaimed oak crossing timber is made of treated oak from beneath rail crossings and rail points where additional strength is required. Check the availability of your chosen length prior to purchase.

Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

Order one of these durable, high quality reclaimed railway sleepers for a variety of agricultural uses.

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