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Spruce Up Your Garden With Railway Sleepers

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on May 28th 2013

There are so many creative ways to use railway sleepers in your garden – here are just a few ideas to get you started.

What Can You Use Railway Sleepers For?

First off, we all know how easy it is to create raised flower beds with railway sleepers, but have you ever thought about making garden furniture with them? Very simple designs can be made just by stacking a few (non-creosoted) sleepers together to form the seat and back parts and then – viola! – instant seating, which will last for ages, and all in natural wood.

Then you could use some of the thinner varieties of sleepers to form an attractive patio area in front of your new seating arrangement; but why stop there? Because sleepers are so versatile and inexpensive you could also use them for path edgings and for creating easily-built steps up to any raised areas of your garden.

When working on such projects as these, you don't need any particularly complicated tools for fixing the railway sleepers together. For many projects you can simply lay the sleepers on top of each other, but if you do need to make any joints, one of the simplest ways to join railway sleepers is to buy some bolts and screws from your local hardware store, along with some metal brackets.

We recommend you choose metal corner brackets or flat jointing plates which are either made from stainless steel, or the less expensive sort which are galvanised. This also applies to any screws or bolts of course. The end result? Nice new features in your garden which you can then enjoy for many years to come.

Creative Gardening With Railway Sleepers

For more information on ordering railway sleepers, please call 01536 267107

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