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Railway Sleeper News

DIY Creating a Natural Garden Edging With Three Simple Materials

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on March 27th 2015

Some of the natural materials that you can use in order to create a natural edging for your garden include stones, plants and cheap railway sleepers. These materials will pleasantly blend in and will give your garden that natural, relaxing look. Stone Stones come [...]

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Tips on Building a Raised Bed for Your Garden

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by on January 28th 2015

Are you planning to build garden Railway sleeper raised bed kits? Follow these tips to ensure durable and effective results, fit for growing plants, vegetables, etc. Choose a long-lasting material  There are different types of materials for raised bed garden [...]

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All About Reclaimed Creosoted Railway Sleepers

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on December 27th 2014

A reclaimed creosoted railway sleeper is one of the cheap railway sleepers that are typically used to build retaining walls, garden edges and other external uses. What is creosote? Creosote is the oil acquired from the distillation of wood/coal tar. It is the old [...]

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Why Choose Railway Sleepers to Build Retaining Walls

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on November 28th 2014

Retaining walls are generally used to restrain, stabilise and prevent soil and rock from eroding on inclined garden landscapes.   Every homeowner has their own unique ideas when it comes to retaining walls. The different types of materials depend on the steep [...]

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5 Reasons Why Wood Fences are Popular

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on October 15th 2014

Walk around your neighbourhood, chances are you will see a bunch of wood fences standing all around you. You can almost see them everywhere but why are they so popular?  Let’s find out. 1.) They are affordable Wood is definitely more affordable over it [...]

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Railway Sleeper News

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