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Railway Sleeper News

Murder on the Orient Express

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on October 13th 2017

The new movie with an all-star cast, Murder on the Orient Express starts out as a luxurious train journey through Europe but quickly transforms into a suspenseful and thrilling murder mystery. Based on a novel by best-selling author Agatha Christie, the plot revolv [...]

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Beautiful Gardens around the World

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on June 15th 2017

Showcasing glorious floral arrangements with magnificent bursts of lush green foliage, beautifully designed gardens truly bring out the best in nature. For a glimpse into these botanical wonders, we’ve listed some of the most beautiful gardens around the wo [...]

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How to Build a Raised Deck

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on June 13th 2017

Whether for entertainment, dining or for that little bit of extra space, our step by step guide will help you to create a raised deck that adds character to your humble abode! Step #1: Calculate the number of decking boards you will need Before anything else, m [...]

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Railway Sleepers: Landscaping Project Ideas

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on April 20th 2017

Rather than furnishing your garden with mass produced items, why not try your hand at creating a unique finish with your very own railway sleeper landscaping project? New or used railway sleepers can be used to create some innovative alternatives to your bulk stan [...]

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Notable Benefits of Timber Cladding

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on March 20th 2017

Timber Cladding is commonly used to cover interiors and exteriors – improving the aesthetics, while contributing to better insulation. More than a rustic enhancement, timber cladding also offers a number of advantages that make it the perfect cladding mater [...]

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Railway Sleeper News

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