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Stop Pests In Your Shrubs With Raised Beds

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by on May 28th 2013

All gardeners know that sinking feeling: you\'ve gone to so much trouble to raise those tender plants, but when you come out one morning you discover the awful decimation!

We can\'t be sure why slugs, snails, and other pests don\'t care to feast on dandelions or nettles, but we do know that when we plant out anything of value, sure enough, the wee beasties will gnaw through stems and scoff all the leaves in no time! This is where raised beds come into their own.

Raised Beds Protect Your Plants

Once you\'ve isolated your growing area with raised beds, the territory is much easier to defend against those menacing midnight raiders!

The Victorians often built their raised beds in brickwork, but you need a certain degree of expertise to build halfway decent brick walls. It\'s far easier to use wood in your projects, with the added bonus that – if you ever want to shift the raised beds to another location – you can generally reuse the wood.

Once you\'ve built raised beds for your shrubs, it will immediately help prevent many creepy crawlies getting at your \'little darlings\', but there\'s still more you can do. One trick is to beef up your defences by treating the sides of the raised bed with barriers which no snail or slug would ever dare broach! The gardeners of yesteryear used all manner of preparations, such as sticky oils and tars as an insect barrier, but these are quite messy, so it\'s probably best try some of the proprietary methods now on sale, such as special sticky tapes or copper strips which are very easy to buy and apply.

Order Raised Beds From Railway Sleeper

To make an enquiry on purchasing our raised beds, please call 01536 267107

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