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Reclaimed Railway Sleepers Look Chic And Rustic

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on March 15th 2013

Rustic charm never ceases to appeal to people looking for a classic design trend.

Railway Sleeper brings to you an exotic and diverse range of reclaimed railway sleepers which can be used for many purposes.

Types Of Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are a great tool for many things such as retaining walls, building storage bays, constructing raised flower beds, path and lawn edgings plus other functions.

There are a total of 6 different types of wooden reclaimed railway sleepers available from Railway Sleeper, UK.

  • Oak (Creosote-treated, lasts for decades and offered at a very low price. Ideal for barns, garage lintels and borders where natural aged oak is necessary)
  • Hardwood (Consists of beech, ash or oak wood. Perfect for stacking, building walls and making storage bays)
  • European (Softwood Creosote-treated, perfect for several garden uses and creates a distinctive rustic ambience with their wany, assorted size and nature)
  • English (Ideal to slot inside RSJ’s, building retaining walls, steps and other garden landscaping features)
  • Tropical Azobe (This hardwood is almost new with the exception of a few cracks here and there. They are suitable for use in and around children’s play areas, water features or any other location where they encounter regular contact)
  • Tropical Jarrah (Hard and dense making it durable and consistently great in appearance).

Order From Railway Sleeper Today

If you looking for railway sleepers, please contact Railway Sleeper on 01536 267 107. Railway Sleeper is a premium manufacturer of softwood and hardwood railway sleepers.

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