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Find A Wide Range Of Railway Sleepers For Sale

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on March 15th 2013

Find softwood, reclaimed and new oak hardwood railway sleepers for sale on our website at fantastic prices. Railway sleepers are an ideal investment for general gardening and landscaping projects. They are versatile enough to be used in a range of ways.

Railway Sleepers For Sale

New softwood sleepers – one of the most popular and versatile railway sleepers for sale can be used for a variety of both domestic and commercial landscaping uses.

Both eco treated and untreated softwood sleepers are also available, depending on whether you require more natural wood or want sleepers that are resistant to weather, rotting and insect infestation.

Reclaimed or recycled railway sleepers are best for landscaping and garden design tasks. They can be used for retaining walls, building storage bays, making raised flower beds and defining clear path and line edgings.

New oak hardwood railway sleepers for sale are suitable for all garden and commercial landscaping needs. They age gracefully and can have stunning, rustic visual impact. At first they turn a silvery hue then gradually move to a dark grey, influenced by exposure to the sun light. They are best for people who do not mind having an authentic natural wood design throughout their landscaping and they shaped with naturally straight edges that can tolerate little wane and splits.

Raised Beds That Provide Better Protection For Your Plants

Railway sleepers can also be used as raised beds for growing plants. They reduce soil compaction in soil and the plants can be arranged closer together. This allows more plants to be grown.

Excess moisture can drain out much easier, thereby enhancing the life of the plants.

To know more about the sale on railway sleepers please contact Railway Sleeper at 01536 267 107.

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