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A Buyers Guide to the Best Wood Flooring Materials

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by admin on August 24th 2016


When we try to consider the best flooring material for our homes, it is quite easy to get confused with the many different choices on offer — especially if you are looking for the perfect wood option. Various woods can provide hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing results… so, how do you determine which alternative best suits your project? Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Should I go for engineered or solid wood flooring?

Assess your room and establish whether there is underfloor heating - and its maximum temperature level. If there is a system in place, it is strongly recommended that you don’t use solid wood flooring; as this is more vulnerable to unwanted floor cuppings compared to the engineered options.

What type of wood should I use?

Hardwood offers greater durability and is more expensive than softwood -as it is more suitable for heavy footfall and can stand the test of time.

Which wood grade is appropriate for my home design?

The four grades of wood are: 

  • Prime - known as the highest grade of wood, it demonstrates a very limited number of knots and sapwood fillers.
  • Select Grade - a mix of prime boards and other planks, these will have bigger knots and saps.
  • Classic Gradethis will usually have visible cracks across and between the growth rings.
  • Rustic or Natural Grade – this will have an unlimited number of knots and cracks.

Prime and Select Grade woods can provide you with a more solid and even coloured floor; they are ideal for minimalist designs. Classic and Rustic Grade woods can provide more varied colours and marks across your floor; these are commonly used for rustic home designs.

What is the relevance of moisture content?

As one of the most important considerations, moisture content should always be between 8 and 12% anything lower can cause the wood to distort. 


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