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Oak Railway Sleepers Furniture for Every Part of Your Home

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on April 21st 2016

When people hear the words, "railway sleepers," they automatically think of the beams on a railway track. This connotation is correct because originally railway sleepers were made solely for that purpose but now that they are available in a variety of wood options, particularly oak, their usefulness has grown – many use oak railway sleepers as a furniture.

Railway Sleepers as Furniture

Of a durable nature and with modern, sleek lines, oak railway sleepers promise furniture that can’t fail to impress; a one-time purchase can go a long way, with every piece being a true investment.

Though commonly used in an outdoor setting, oak railway sleepers are now being turned into indoor furniture. Railway Sleeper offers timeless pieces that might just be what you are looking for to complete your interiors:

Living Room

Oak Railway Sleeper Coffee Table

Coffee tables made from fine, handmade oak railway sleepers aren’t just furniture that blends perfectly into the surrounding area; they also add a contemporary or traditional style, depending on the theme you hope to achieve.


Solid Oak Full Stave Worktops

Beautifully crafted worktops greatly improve the kitchen’s overall appearance. Our oak worktops are made from full length staves, guaranteeing a high quality and matching grain finish.


Oak Sleeper Unit

Using green or semi air-dried oak, our oak sleeper television stand units are temperature and timber dryness dependent, where resulting cracks and splits may add to the whole appearance. 


Boost motivation with our statement pieces. Finely crafted side tables or lampstands can add the perfect finishing touch; appropriate lighting has also been proven to contribute to an effective study.

Home Office

Solid Oak Console Table

Oak console tables have an innate nature of exuding a professional yet modern aesthetic – perfect for your home office. With a chunky frame design, they can also be a mini shelf for books or a display unit for plants and ornaments.


Oozing with character and charm, oak railway sleepers can add a warm appeal throughout the home.


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