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5 Benefits of Using Raised Garden Beds

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on August 12th 2015

The claim that raised garden beds are advisable for the elderly is true but the benefits are good for everyone. Aside from the fact that they are easy to access, research suggests that they also make your plants and vegetables more nutritious and that they grow faster. Affordable and amazingly adaptable, railway sleepers are an ideal material in which to make raised garden beds. Here are five of the biggest gardening advantages of raised beds:

1. They produce a massive number of plants, flowers and vegetables faster.

Raised garden beds allow soil to absorb all the fertilisers, water and enough sunlight directly. The plants, flowers and vegetables planted in your raised garden bed also completely absorb these growth necessities. Since they are getting the right amount of nutrients they need, they grow faster. Raised gardens do not have “soil compaction” caused by human feet. Soil compaction occurs when stress is directly applied to the soil, causing its densification. Raised beds avoid the hindrances of the growth of germs and viruses. This is basically the reason why vegetables that are planted in raised gardens are considered more nutritious and organic.

2. They are easy to maintain.

Being completely accessible, you can easily reach to remove the weeds. Mulching with grass clippings is also usually enough to prevent the weeds from growing.

3. They are more convenient to use.

Raised garden beds are easier to approach. Planting, watering and adding fertilisers is effortless. There's no need for you to worry about hurting your back or your legs because you can even sit down while you tend to your garden.

4. They have better water retention.

The railway sleeper raised bed kit serves as wall for your garden, allowing the soil to retain the water completely. Allowing the plants to absorb the water and nutrients easily, raised beds encourage faster growth as well.

5. They are less prone to soil erosion.

Raised garden beds have a stronger base and with wooden walls that serve as support to the soil, this can help to prevent soil erosion. Raised garden beds can guarantee the protection of your plants and vegetables against soil problems.

If you are looking for a company that can supply quality wooden sleepers for your raised garden beds, please contact Railway Sleeper now. We look forward to hearing from you!

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