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5 Simple Tips to Help Keep your Firewood Dry During the Winter

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on August 6th 2015

Firewood is usually kept outside seeing as not all homes will have enough space in a garage or elsewhere to store large amounts during the winter and colder months.

We have organised 5 of the best tips we could muster to help you keep your firewood dry out side and ready for use, even during the winter and colder months.

Tip1: Aside from avoiding snow which will make the firewood wet, you should keep it away from areas that are or often get waterlogged during wet periods. To help with this, we recommend that stack firewood on pallets, where hardwood pallets make the best choice as they’re much harder to break.

Some timber merchants will offer wooden pallets for free, whilst others will charge a small fee; just keep in mind that the pallets should be in place before purchasing firewood.

Tip2: The chances are you will have different sized pieces of wood, this isn’t a problem as you can stack and arrange them on different pallets to help make it easier when finding the sizes you need, especially when it’s dark our raining outside.

Tip3: When storing your firewood, make sure to cover it all up using heavy duty waterproof tarpaulins adding some weighted material around the edges to make sure it is secure, this way the least amount of water and weathering can get to your firewood.

Tip4: Although these tips will help keep the firewood relatively dry, remember to store a sufficient amount of firewood for a fire inside your house as when it’s raining or snowing heavily outside, your firewood can still become a little moist due to the humidity. Store sufficient firewood inside at least a day before you need it, so it is all ready to burn.

Tip5: The last tip we have to offer is to recommend keeping the pallets at the end of the winter season as they will come in handy helping you store more firewood in the following year.

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