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What is Timber Cladding

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on August 5th 2015

What is Timber Cladding?

Timber Cladding is a material that is commonly used to cover the exterior (or sometimes interior) of a building mainly or aesthetic purposes, though it often contributes to better insulation of the house making it more efficient during all seasons.

Is Timber Cladding suitable for my house?

In short, yes, timber cladding is suitable in almost any circumstance and will only enhance your home.

Traditional houses often use timber cladding to enhance the rustic vibe of the house, whereas more modern houses will use timber cladding to accent and detail the house or maybe even help keep the house relative to its natural surroundings.

The only question left is whether or not you want to clad your house or building.

What type of timber should I use?

There are many suitable timber to use when it comes to cladding, and Railway Sleeper supply a wide variety to choose from.

Depending on your budget, there is a big choice to make as to whether you want to buy cheaper yet more shot-lived or the more expensive option which will last for a much longer period. At present we offer Western Red Cedar which is very inexpensive and will appeal to the majority of people, though this is domestic softwood and will degrade more over time when compared to timber such as Oak, which brings the next option of Air Dried Oak cladding which is quite a bit more expensive though can last decades with very little maintenance.

We also have a premium option available that is fairly expensive, though it will outperform even the best of hardwoods like oak. ThermoWood is a thermally treated timber material that has been super heater to alter the timber at a cellular level giving it better properties such as better weather resistance, better resistance to UV radiation which helps it retain its colour for longer and resistance to decay helping it last for decades to come; it even has a 30 year guarantee.

Do I have to treat timber cladding?

Treated timbers usually last longer than the untreated alternatives. Saving the need of earlier timber replacement, you will have the option of treated or untreated timber. If you happen to choose a treated timber for cladding, it is recommended that you treat the wood before installation for convenience.

Though you do not have to treat most timber cladding, it is recommended and best practice if you do so. Treated timber usually lasts a lot longer when compared to leaving it untreated, it also helps with the situation in the future as it will save the hassle of having to replace the timber in a shorter period.

We also recommend that, if you choose too, treat the timber before installation for your convenience.

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