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DIY Creating a Natural Garden Edging With Three Simple Materials

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on March 27th 2015

Some of the natural materials that you can use in order to create a natural edging for your garden include stones, plants and cheap railway sleepers. These materials will pleasantly blend in and will give your garden that natural, relaxing look.


Stones come in different shapes and sizes. Larger stones are more expensive than the average-sized. Using stones for your garden edging requires the right knowledge, as they are quite difficult to install. You can search for some instructions or procedures online for a DIY stone garden edging. Do not use a lawn mower for this type of garden edging because the stones can damage the lawn mower. Use a trimmer instead to tidy up the garden edges.


Low-growing and fairly compact plants are perfect for natural garden edging. Some examples of these plants include Thyme, Geranium, Dwarf Perennial Lavender and Speedwell. Stick to only one to three colours to keep the uniformity and trim the plants regularly. Avoid using a lawnmower as it can destroy the plants. Plants can also go well with other types of garden edging such as trench edging.

Railway Sleeper

Reclaimed railway sleepers can add that rustic and relaxing charm to your garden. Try to avoid reclaimed railway sleepers that have been treated with chemicals because they can cause harm to the plants. Reclaimed railway sleepers can also make a great seating arrangement, although try to avoid creosote-treated railway sleepers because they can may damage your clothes. Use untreated or new railway sleepers instead to keep your plants in perfect condition.

Railway Sleeper offers a wide range of railway sleepers for your garden edging projects. Visit our website or call us on +44 (0)1536 267107 for more details. 

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