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Advantages of Constructing a Decking in Autumn

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on September 17th 2014

There is a lot of speculation about when the optimal time is to plan and build garden decking, with many saying during the spring or summer when it’s starting to get warmer outside. However, we believe that the ideal for this would be during Autumn and there are many people missing out on the best time to turn their outdoor space into a new haven.

There are many reason why you should construct your decking in autumn, here are a few of the best reasons that can save you time, effort and money;

You can choose the best contractors in your area

During the ‘off-season’, many construction crews, contractor and handy-men are usually struggling to find jobs giving you the opportunity to pick and choose the best possible people for the job; You may as well take full advantage of this prospect if no one else will.

Speed ahead of the crowd with the planning and construction of your decking

Build your decking in autumn early so when spring comes around the corner you can sit back a relax as you watch neighbours rush around incessantly trying to finish their decking before they miss out on the good weather. The other advantages of having your decking all finished and stained/ varnished etc. is that you will not have to worry about how hot or humid it is outside when trying do final touches, or not having your contractor postpone building due to unpredictable, bad weather; which leads on to another point.

Take advantage of more predictable autumn weather

During the autumn season, weather is more predictable compared to spring or summer which when taken advantage of will save time and some money with your contractor getting the job done in a shorter space of time. No one likes a delayed project, no matter what it may be, and weather issues like thunder and rain storms can cause major issues for outdoor construction work and that is the last thing you want to happen.

Save time as well as money

Like mentioned before, planning ahead of the crowd also mean you can save up on a lot of wasted time. Time spent indoors whilst your decking is erected will not be an issue if it is already done, and you can spend more time out in the fresh warm air of spring or summer instead of wishing you had done it earlier. Not only is constructing early giving you the option to get the best people to the job, but you will also get the opportunity to negotiate on prices a lot more than the busy summer season where others might be willing to pay more. The same can also apply to suppliers; during autumn and winter, suppliers of decking components may reduce the price of their products allowing you to save that money or even spend it on extra that you would have otherwise not been able to add to your budget. Though please do note that this may not apply to everyone due to every company being different, but it is worth keeping an eye on.

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