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Building Raised Beds To Protect Your Plants

Posted in Railway Sleeper News by Admin on June 11th 2013

If you love your garden and you are wondering how to give your plants the best possible start, then why not consider raised beds. Plants need a well aerated soil to thrive and unlike general garden spaces, raised garden beds have soil that is much less compacted. Since the soil in the garden beds is not being trampled on, it maintains its looseness which enables more air to be trapped and maintained in the soil.

Create The Perfect Environment For Your Plants With Raised Beds

Light and air filled soil generally absorbs more water as well as removes excess water, offering optimum moisture for plants. Raised beds also regulate the soil temperature and offers optimum temperature for the plants to grow well. Raised garden beds also make pest control less difficult. Rodents can be blocked out with metal screens, birds can be kept away with netting covers and weeds can be controlled with a plastic mulch.

Since raised beds stay out of the normal garden space, damage caused by foot prints, footballs, etc., are greatly reduced. The sides of the beds also prevent valuable soil in the beds from being washed away by heavy rain. Fertilisers and organic matter used in raised beds will directly benefit your plants to because unlike your general garden space, there is no place for them nutrients to leach away into surrounding areas.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that raised beds are becoming popular.

Invest In Raised Beds For Your Gardening

Raised beds not only protect your plants, but also your physical health as you don’t need to bend low and crouch near the ground to do your gardening. Railway Sleeper has an award winning range of raised beds. Made from superior quality materials, our raised beds will last long and offer more value for money.

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