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Custom Cut Products
Beams – Railway Sleeper
PAR Beams – Railway Sleeper
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PAR Boards – Railway Sleeper
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Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleeper manufactures various new railway sleepers including softwood and hardwood sleepers that can be treated or untreated depending on customer requirements. Our range of new railway sleepers covers all shapes, sizes and treatments.

Railway Sleeper provides the cheapest railway sleepers in the UK. To enable us to give our clients the cheapest possible prices we have introduced a new strategy called the ‘Price Match Promise’; simply send your quotations from other suppliers to or you can call us on 01536 267107. We also offer a nationwide crane vehicle delivery service for your convenience.

Benefits of Railway Sleepers

  • They can be handled and placed easily
  • They can last up to 12 years, depending on the environment and maintenance process
  • They are not corrosive
  • They can be used for different applications – gardening, landscaping, cladding, fencing, furniture making, etc.
  • They are cheaper compared to other types of sleepers

Sleepers We Sell

  • New Oak Railway Sleepers

  • New oak railway sleepers age gracefully and are naturally durable. Available in a wide array of styles, grades and dimensions, we offer new oak railway sleepers that are completely weatherproof that will last for decades.

  • New Landscaping Sleepers

  • Our new landscaping sleepers are available in a variety of options. We have created a range of special railway landscaping sleepers that are suitable for your home and garden needs.

  • New Softwood Railway Sleepers

  • New softwood railway sleepers are among the most popular and adaptable alternatives. They can be used for domestic and commercial purposes and are available in both eco-treated and untreated softwood.

  • New Railway Sleeper Furniture

  • Using handpicked picked wood that is meticulously worked by experienced craftsmen, our new railway sleeper furniture is available in both indoor and garden furniture alternatives.

  • Reclaimed Sleepers

  • Whether you need material for landscaping, building or furniture making, reclaimed sleepers are the perfect option. Strong, resilient, cost-effective and characterful they will enhance any project.

  • Raised Bed Kits

  • Railway sleepers make an attractive raised bed kit option. Designed to control the quality of the soil for easy cultivation, the most popular railway sleepers used for raised bed kits are untreated softwood and oak. Our railway sleeper raised bed kit comes in a wide range of sizes, including regular sized square and rectangular kits.

Siberian Larch Decking - 145mm
Siberian Larch Decking - 145mm
£12.30 - £29.99
inc. VAT
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